payment service provider (PSP) is a company that integrates payment solutions into a web shop and processes payments of all kinds on behalf of its clients – whether they be credit or debit card payments or payments using an online payment process like PayPal. Using a payment service provider makes the work easier for you as an online merchant while also protecting you from payment defaults. The PSP has contracts and IT connections with the individual online payment services and thus acts as a link between the merchant and the acquirer (merchant bank).



To keep your risks to a minimum INUIKII is working together with SIX GROUP (SIX). SIX sets stringent requirements for data and process security. To ensure security and protection against fraud, all of the SIX products are PCI DSS certified and internationally approved.

The encryption of card data makes for the best possible data security. With 3-D Secure, cardholders have to identify themselves by means of an individual code.

In addition, SIX is able to check and analyze card misuse in real time, further reducing the risk of fraud.


With the payment module from SELLXED INUIKII relies on a trustful Swiss partner and ensure maximum security. SELLXED is a partner of the SIX Payment group.



So far INUIKII is just able to accept VISA and Master Card.